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Film maker Lisa Marie Tedesco was featured in Issue 16 in 2023!
Cosmic Forge Films

When her daughter returns home with a new love for Thanksgiving, August is transported back in time to the night she had to make the ultimate decision that would change the course of her life forever.

Award-winning August in the City launches to Vimeo after over two years on the film festival circuit from director Christie Conochalla (Once Upon a Zipper and Forever Not Maybe) and screenwriter/producer Lisa Marie Tedesco (House of La Reine) and stars Mandahla Rose (All About E, Forever Not Maybe, BIFL: The Series), Daniela Mastropietro (Behind The Mirror, 79 Parts), John Solo (Newlyweds, 79 Parts), Stacey Raymond (New Amsterdam, Producing Juliet, Mr. Robot), Raquel Powell and Amanda Tudor.

August In The City

Lisa Marie Tedesco