• In 2021 during a midnight conversation the idea to create Black Noise began to take shape and by February 2022, Black Noise was born.

    It has been a journey and it continues to amaze me how far this magazine has come in a couple short years and the community that has formed around it. With that, I get to the point which isn't easy as we wish farewell to one of our founders, Erin Rutledge. Erin has been a substantial part of the vision of what Black Noise should be, taking on editing/layout tasks, interviews, networking, promoting and everything in between and without her dedication Black Noise would never have taken off the ground. We wish her the best in her future endeavors as she continues her journey and she will always have a home here because she is family to us.

    With that, we had to shuffle some things around to fill her shoes and I would like to introduce you to our 2024 full time staff! Bios are in the process of being updated, but you can check them out at Black Noise Staff

  • The cold of winter has slowly begun to retreat as we dip our toes into February and that also means, Issue 25 of Black Noise is now available! (Grab a copy today at Issue 25)

    Featuring photographer Alex Pitsas as they bring imagination to body positivity, an interview with genre-bending rock band Lobotomobile (as well as the free download of the new Stump EP), a chat with fashion designer Racheal Xavier, poetry from Kaytee Thrun and more!

    But that isn't it! On the web exclusive end of things we put our artist spotlight on tattoo artist/bodypainter James "Drift" Rosa. Also, we bring you the next installment of Bi-Polar in America from J.I.B., poetry from Alshaad Kara and a book review from C.S. Mathews

    Physical copies can be found at Issue 25

    As always, much love to you all for the support!
    -J Desade

  • 2024 has arrived and we are rolling in the new year with a bang! In this issue we bring to you original NYC club kid, author, podcaster and absolutely FABULOUS person, James St. James! We also bring you film maker/poet Astrid Ovalles whose work is a MUST SEE, a dive behind the still frames with model Kristy Jessica and then peer into the shadows at the unique art of Lizz Lopez! Also in our poetry corner we bring to you Josef Desade, a short story from Christopher McAuley, the return of Ten 1000 Needles and a poem from Bill Cushing! Be sure to grab a copy at Issue 24

    On the web exclusive end of things we bring you composer Jens Ibsen, the debut of a column series Bi-polar in America, poetry from Icarus and writing from Angelic Allie.

    Much love to everyone who showed us love in 2023 and we welcome you to come along with us in 2024!
    -J Desade

  • Exclusive Music!

    Exclusive Music!

    We have just added to the page our past Black Noise Exclusive music releases! Be sure to swing over and check em out at Black Noise Exclusives

  • Ringing out 2023 with Issue 23!

    Ringing out 2023 with Issue 23!

    I would just like to thank everyone who has shown some love this past year! All of you mean the world to us here at Black Noise and we are excited for what is to come in 2024!

    Now on to what you are waiting for...

    Issue 23 has arrived! As 2023 rolls to an end we bring you Connecticut MC, Kamoflage! This issue is also packed with features on artist Zach McDonald, rock band Hadlock, our bi-monthly column Working Out the Kinks from Daddy Fenrir, in our poetry corner we bring to you Sidney Tyler Lofton, as well as a stand alone poem from Jason Sabetta, the artwork of Chad M. Horn and for the first time our "Staff Recognition Awards"...we hope that you all have a great holiday season and continue to #supportindie as we head into 2024!

    Much love!
    -J Desade

  • Spooky season has come to an end, but don't be sad! Here at Black Noise we bring you Issue 22! ( Issue 22 ) Featuring The Bellwether Syndicate, Chris Connelly, A Cloud of Ravens, Robot Discotek and AriyAgnA as we take a dive into the dark alternative music scene. Also featuring poetry from Jason Galpin, an op-ed from Dementia Von Grimm and the return of our column Ten 1000 Needles, we have a jam packed issue to take away those end of spooky season blues!

    Also, on our web exclusives this month we put a spotlight on Sleepless in New England videographer Matt DaSilva of EverClear Studios, an article from E.W. Farnsworth, poetry from Emmy Rouge and poetry from Alfred Dewitt.

    Much love to all of you for the support!

  • Spooky Season has arrived!

    Spooky Season has arrived!

    Here at Black Noise we are super excited to celebrate Spooky Season with Issue 21! Dropping October 1st, it will be featuring World Fantasy Award nominee Daniele Serra! Between the pages of this issue you will also find artist Steve Otis, Imaginerick Studio, Shelby Langei, BORAH! of Salem's Black Hat Society and more!

    On the website end of things, we will be putting our artist spotlight on photographer, The Tilted Tripod! We will also have flash fiction from Gerry Saracco, poetry from v1BRANc3 and E.W. Farnsworth as well as a special Halloween edition of Kirill Astistov's column Ten 1000 Needles!

    Be sure to swing back on the 1st and check out everything that is happening this coming month!

  • As Fall Creeps In...

    As Fall Creeps In...

    September has arrived and as the cold of fall creeps in slowly here in New England, we bring you Issue 20! (Download free at Issue 20 )

    This month features photographer Tim Bradshaw from Australia, author Madeleine Swann from Canada and the WhoDat podcast out of Tennessee. It is also jam packed with poetry from Jon Bennett and Chad M. Horn, the newest edition of Ten 1000 Needles, art from Emmy Rouge and Edward Crossman's 'Just One Dude's Opinion'...

    On the web end of things, our artist spotlight this month is on musician Estrada Suavecito and we have featured poetry from Craig Richard Reichenbach and E.W. Farnsworth! Also, be sure to swing by the archive and Bonus! link to check out a short story from Madeleine Swann!

    Much love to everyone who has shown us some love! We appreciate you all!

    -J Desade

  • July has arrived and you know what that means! Black Noise brings you Issue 18! (https://bit.ly/3Xw2WqF)

    This month we bring to you artists Angela Casey and Ira Joel Haber, author Richie Rose and a special spot on Klekolo World Coffee! Also, this issue brings you our first exclusive music release from last month's web feature Graveyard Brat, the Duality EP, which can be downloaded through the QR code in the issue! But that isn't all, be sure to grab your copy and check out some poetry, articles and more!

    Much love to you all, please take a minute to share this issue with your friends and #supportindie

    (A special thank you to everyone who grabbed a copy of Issue 17 and made it our most downloaded/purchased issue to date!)

  • Coming in July!

    Coming in July!

    As July draws near here is a little sneak peek!

    In Issue 18 we will be bringing you artist Angela Casey, author Richie Rose and artist Ira Joel Haber. We also will be bringing you a conversation with Yvette Elliott of Klekolo World Coffee in Middletown, CT where we talk about coffee, art and community with her. Outside of the main features we will be bringing you the poetry of Ivan de Monbrison, Greyson Fisher, the return of the column Ten 1000 Needles and more!

    Also, July will be the debut of a new thing we are doing which is the Black Noise exclusive release of music! Grab a copy of the issue and you will find a QR code for the release of our June web feature Graveyard Brat's new Duality Mixtape!

    On the web exclusive end of things we will be bringing you a feature on new cultpop band The Tearless Life, Sidney Tyler Lofton's column "For Legal Reasons This is Fiction", poetry from Alfred Dewitt and more!

    Much love to everyone who has supported us and as always, #supportindie

    -J Desade

  • June has arrived!

    June has arrived!

    June has arrived and it is a big month!

    Issue 17 is now available and it is a special edition! This month we take you on a trip into the taboo world of the kink subculture with our Safe, Sane, and Consensual issue. Featuring a mixture of artistry and educational pieces, we delve beyond the toxic entertainment industry portrayals and bring you the real lifestyle. Featuring a shibari artist, three photographers, multiple educational articles and resources and a panel of Dominants who answer questions sourced from outside of the community, it is definitely an issue you do not want to miss! And to make it even better, we have multiple covers you can choose from!

    Issue 17 Digital Download - Cover 1
    Issue 17 Physical Copy - Cover 1
    Issue 17 Digital Download - Cover 2
    Physical Copy - Cover 2

    Also, here on our website we bring you some brand new features with our artist spotlight this month on musician and makeup artist Gräveyard Bràt. We also bring back the second edition of BCD - A Tell All From The Shadows with Gypsy Rose and the poetry of Sidney Tyler Lofton and E.W. Farnsworth. Be sure to go check those out and thank you all for your support!

    Follow us at
    Black Noise on Facebook
    IG - @black_noise_magazine

  • June Is Almost Here!

    June Is Almost Here!

    A little preview for you all of our June issue since social media is flagging it 😂

  • What's next?!

    What's next?!

    As May crawls by we wanted to give you a little information about our upcoming June issue!

    This issue is going to be a special edition as we deep dive into the culture of the kink community and dispel some of the toxic portrayals that surround it! We will be featuring educational articles on proper consent and mental health, balancing a polykink lifestyle with a professional lifestyle and a piece on how gatekeeping in the community can create toxic repercussions amongst the younger generation. But that isn't all! We will also be putting a spotlight on a shibari rope artist and the work of three photographers in the community, as well as a panel of experienced people in the scene answering questions we sourced from outside of the community! Annnnnnd...we are going to have multiple options for you to choose from on physical copies featuring multiple models!

    We are super excited for this issue and we hope that you all check it out! Keep an eye out, June 1st it will be hitting the street!

    -J Desade

  • Issue 16 has arrived!

    Issue 16 has arrived!

    Happy May Day to all of you and with the May flowers comes Issue 16! Featuring award winning film maker Lisa Tedesco, avante-garde artist Ubbe Fenrir, drag queen Veronica Midnight Lockhart, model Tajh Gill and more! Be sure to snag a free digital copy at Issue 16

  • As April winds down we hope that you all had a great month! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the April feature on singer/comedian Teddy Ren and our current web exclusives before May 1st! We just wanted to give you all a little update on what is coming in May on the website...soooo...here we go!

    Coming in May -
    Our artist spotlight for May will be on New Bedford, MA M.C. Bristol County Castro who is part of the Sleepless In New England collective...staff member K-Slate had a chat with him about music and hiphop, family life and more so be sure to check it out!
    For our web exclusives we have the debut of a new column from Sidney Tyler Lofton titled "For Legal Reasons This is Fiction"...we will also have flash fiction from Christopher T. Dabrowski and Rick Hudson, as well as a message about Sleepless In New England from former feature Hendrick Hernandez...

    So May 1st be sure you don't miss out and come check out the new exclusives!

    Thank you all for the love you have shown Black Noise,

    -J Desade

    (Be sure to follow us at Black Noise On Facebook and Black Noise On IG)

  • As May nears...

    As May nears...

    April has been a great month so far! Thank you to everyone who checked out the website and all of those who checked out our dive into the rave scene with Rob Gee, Jen Kendra and DJ AriKari! You all rock!( Grab a copy of at Issue 15 )

    May is almost here and we have an exciting issue coming...we will be featuring award winning director Lisa Tedesco whose short film "Spin" has been doing incredibly well (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13681768/awards/?ref_=tt_awd)...we will also be featuring artist/sculptor Übbe Fenrir to talk about his work and a dive inside the world of drag queen Veronica Mïdnight Löckhart and how she got her start and her process on performance. That will be here in just two weeks so keep an eye out!

    We are also currently taking submissions for web features. We are looking for indie creatives and/or people who are living an alternative lifestyle who may feel their lifestyle may be of interest to our readers. As well, we are taking open submissions for poetry, flash fiction, op-eds, music/film/book reviews and more! Submissions can be sent in to Black Noise Submissions with the subject line "Web Feature"

    Thank you all for the support!
    -J Desade

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  • Welcome!


    We would like to welcome you all to Black Noise! With the launch of our website we are excited to be bringing you web exclusive features, bonus content and more! We are kicking it off with comedian Teddy Ren as our April feature! We are also bringing you a new column, BCD - A Tell All From The Shadows in the exclusive content tab, as well as some poetry from LA South and flash fiction from LaVern Spencer McCarthy. We encourage you all to check out our street team page and meet our staff and if you swing over to the Archive you can grab back issues! Oh yea, be sure to check out the bonus video content submitted by some of our past features in the archive!

    Thank you all for the support, you mean the world to us and we appreciate you all!

    J Desade

  • What The F*ck Is Black Noise?!

    What The F*ck Is Black Noise?!

    Black Noise is a magazine dedicated to giving exposure to independent creatives & alternative lifestyles with no strings attached. Our digital copies are always free and physical copies can be found at https://amzn.to/3JcJl7Q for $10 a piece. The proceeds currently go directly back into the magazine to help us build our audience (our staff is volunteer based), with the goal of building this up enough to start making donations to art charities for children.

    We are always looking for new people to feature, poetry, columns, etc. as well as people interested in being full time staff! If you are interested in being featured or submitting something, please contact us at BlackNoiseZine13@gmail.com

    Thank you all for your support!

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    Our page is currently under construction and will be fully operational shortly. While you wait, head to the archives and check out past issues of Black Noise!